This site is built around LA-88, but contains pictures gathered from the internet and from my time volunteering at the historic Nike Missile Museum SF-88 in the Marin Headlands, Golden Gate National Park.

Cameras were not allowed when I was stationed at LA-88 (1968-1971), as the system was classified as top secret. The nuclear warhead yields are still classified by the FBI.

My fellow SF-88 Volunteer and  Nike Crewman, Ed Thelen,  has an excellent website for Nike information, Called “Ed Thelen’s Nike Missile website”.

It is filled with good info from former Nike Missile crewmen from all over the world. As our NATO allies had the Nike Hercules System up until 2008.

Check out these other really cool websites………..


Ed’s Nike Missile Website  ( A complete collection of Nike Ajax and Hercules information)               


National Park Service Historic Nike Missile Site SF-88   (Information about the Historic Nike Missile Site SF-88 at the Marin Headlands and Tour Times)                                                                                         


The Nike Historical Society  

Another very good collection of Nike information and sites across the world. 

The website is run by the Nike Historical Society, a group of Nike Vets in the SF Bay area who were active in founding the NPS  SF–88 Historic site)  

Check out the LA-88 link page for more information and great pictures of a 2000 site tour from Harold Wrathbun who was one of the first LA-88 Crewmen in the 50’s  


David Procuniar’s website of Nike Site LA94 Saugus

Dave’s pictures and information from our nearby Saugus Nike LA-94 Site. Very Good Read.


YouTube – Lanci Missili Nike Hercules Poligono Quirra

Italian Air Force Nike Missile Launch 2007  

A 9 minute HD video of Nike Launches done by the Italian Air Force in 2008. The Best HD Video of a Nike Missile Launch.