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This site is dedicated to LA-88, Chatsworth California and the men who served there

These Nike Missile sites in Los Angeles and across the US (And our NATO Allies until 2007) were our nations 1st. generation missile defense.

The US Army is still watching our skies with the THAAD missile system, 13 sites in Ft. Greeley AK. And one in California at Vandenburg AFB near Santa Maria. These are Long Range missiles that can take on threats from across the oceans.

I was stationed at LA-88 from 1968 to late 1971 as a Nike Hercules Radar Crewman MOS 16C, but on a Nike Site, you wear many hats, It is a small town, with 100-120 personnel.

I now live in the Bay area and volunteer at the Historic Nike Missile Site SF-88 at the Marin Headlands, Golden Gate National Park, Near Sausalito, just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Alexander Ave off ramp. If you are interested in seeing a real Nike Missile Site it is the place to go. Tours are open on the first Saturday of every month.

You will talk to Nike veterans who have much knowledge of the Nike System and hear many stories of how it was back in the day.

SF-88  has 6 missiles and a working elevator and launcher, along with the BC van and RC van and an LCT van.

The Nike Historical Society in Alameda is responsible for the Historic Nike Missile Site SF-88 at the Marin Headlands with the help of the National Park Service, Golden Gate National Park.

Historic Nike Missile Site SF-88 was brainchild of another great Army officer, Colonel Bud Halsey, who was part of the transition team when the Army left the Presidio of San Francisco in 1994, along with Col Jack Armstrong.

I started this site when I was loaned a scrapbook from the estate of Colonel Jack Armstrong, who was a great US Army Battalion Commander of the 65th Artillery in Van Nuys from 1965-67

The newspaper articles, pictures and letters in his memoirs were priceless and had to be made public. I can share some of my experiences, but this site is really about the history that happened over the 20 years of LA-88 operation.

I will be adding a lot more Nike information and renewing the site in the future along with pictures from the working equipment at SF-88 and other sources.

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BeBop Brown

(This is the nickname that I earned while at LA-88, a long time ago)