Naruto s rank mission

Kakashi has completed 1, official missions in total: D-rank, C-rank, B-rank, A-rank, 42 S-rank. Tsunade has completed 1, official missions in total: 40 D-rank, C-rank, B-rank, A-rank, 95 S-rank. Jiraiya completed 1, official missions in total: 58 D-rank, C-rank, B-rank, A-rank, S-rank. With this rating of mission completion by Jiraiya, he has the most completed missions of all characters in the entire Naruto series.
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S-rank | Narutopedia | Fandom

It only takes a minute to sign up. According to Narutopedia, Kakashi did 42 S-rank missions, while Minato did 39 of them. Itachi only did 1 for some reason. Many of the other jonins probably did S-rank missions too. Do we get to see or at least know about any of these missions? Note: Naruto and Sasuke have done 0 official S-rank missions although it's fair to say that they've done harder things in their lives. Examples are assassinating VIPs, and transporting highly classified documents.
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The Super Secret S-Rank Mission

These are some of the types of missions that a typical Ninja would complete in their daily routine. S-Rank S-Rank missions are the highest paid missions a ninja can complete. They are extremely dangerous and are usually only assigned to a select few highly skilled ninja. A-Rank These missions are completed by Jounin rank ninjas and usually include important tasks that will greatly benefit the hidden village or country, such as assassinations of wanted criminals and escorting important people across dangerous territory.
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As the scroll containing the island's coordinates have been leaked to the Akatsuki , Motoi sends an owl to report the crisis to the Fourth Raikage. In order to protect Naruto and Killer B , Aoba suggests that they leave the island, only to be shocked when told that the island is actually the back of a turtle that is currently swimming. However, due to the fact that Naruto would rush into the battlefield carelessly if he knew that the Fourth Shinobi World War had already begun, Aoba tricks Naruto into thinking that his S-rank mission is to recruit all of the island animals in order to form an animal combat unit for the war. Granting the ability to Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi as well, the trio set off towards the island, Meanwhile, Naruto encounters Condor , the talking ostrich from Konoha , who agrees to serve as his translator in order to avoid military enlistment. Naruto gets into a fight with a giant gorilla , giant boss , giant penguin , and giant koala when they find out that their love interest, a giant armadillo , is infatuated with Naruto.
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