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All over the world, young girls and women are forced to have sex when they do not want to. Often it is done by boyfriends who claim to love them. The force may not only be physical. You can feel pressure from words or feelings.
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Forced marriage, forced sex: the perils of childhood for girls

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Pressured or Forced Sex - Hesperian Health Guides

The United Nations has warned that water shortages could affect 5 billion people by This pandemic is making everyday life more desperate, especially in poorer communities, and that means more opportunities for those preying on vulnerable people. Where official services are insufficient or non-existent, this means women and girls are chasing a scarce resource and often do not have enough money to pay for it. Before the pandemic, getting enough water for basic needs was a daily struggle. Women and girls would spend hours each day collecting water from the nearest source or waiting in long queues at the local tap or pump. For females living in these circumstances, there has always been the threat of verbal abuse, physical attack or sexual assault while gathering water for their households.
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'Girls are forced to have sex in exchange for sanitary pads or 50 cents'

PIP: A recently formed interagency Forum on the Rights of Girls and Women in Marriage is investigating the widespread problem of nonconsensual marriage and forced sex and advocating for legislative and policy initiatives. This article reviews three research projects in this area: research by Anti-Slavery International on child marriage in parts of West Africa, an investigation by Save the Children of children's views of early marriage, and research conducted by CHANGE on women's resistance to domestic violence in Calcutta, India. Girls who marry before 15 years of age are more likely to be illiterate than their older counterparts, more likely to be dowry payment brides, less likely to come into contact with development projects, have higher rates of infant mortality, and are most vulnerable to sexual violence.
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Stefnie Marie County, 29, was charged with trafficking of persons after two teenage girls accused her of holding them against their will and selling them for sex. San Antonio police arrested a year-old woman accused of forcing two teenage girls into having sex with men for money, according to an arrest affidavit. On Oct.
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